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Setup TeamCity on Mac to work with Docker

For one of our project we decided to use TeamCity on our Mac Mini (which is under table in the same room where we are).

It was interesting experience with some pitfalls and I would like to share how we did it. Want to mention that installation of TeamCity is not subject of this article and I’m sure you can find a lot of posts about it in the internet.

One more important thing. TeamCity on our MacMini was installed to /Library/TeamCity folder. Docker machine shares only home directory (/Users) but some of our docker containers requires /Library/TeamCity/hash/our project name/src directory to be shared.

How does our project directory structure look

Project structure

├── docker
│   ├── application
├── scripts
└── src
    ├── app
    ├── bootstrap
    ├── config
    ├── database
    ├── public
    ├── resources
    ├── storage
    ├── tests
    └── vendor

Our docker-compose.yml looks similarly to this:

    build: ./application
        - ../src:/var/www/application

So, because our TeamCity loads the project inside /Library/TeamCity folder which is not shared between host and docker-machine we have the issue. From docker container’s standpoint the folder looks empty.

What to do.

  • Open VirtualBox Manager.
  • Choose your docker-machine (default - in my case)
  • Press Settings.
  • Go to Shared Folders tab and press Add new shared folder (folder with + icon at the right hand side)

vbox manager gui

Add Library folder to the folders list.

That’s not enough. All these steps are only shares the folder to the VM but it is not mounted yet.

Login inside docker-machine via ssh (docker-machine ssh) and mount /Library folder like that:

mkdir /Library && mount -t vboxsf Library /Library

And…. DONE! Congratulations! Oh yeah, after docker-machine restart everything will gone… thanks satan

Since docker-machine is heir of boot2docker we can use special boot2docker feature that allow us to run the script right after machine is started.

  • Login inside of docker-machine (docker-machine ssh)
  • go to - /var/lib/boot2docker/
  • create bootlocal.sh file
  • open it and enter the next few lines

mkdir /Library
mount -t vboxsf Library /Library

That’s it. Now you can stop/start your docker-machine and after it will be started it execute bootlocal.sh file and this file will create /Library folder and mount host’s /Library folder to the guest /Library one.

Feel free to contact me for feedback or questions. Find my contacts on About page.