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Terminal tips and tricks


Below I’ve listed couple of ways to use terminal that some people may not know about. These “technics” I use a lot in may daily hacking.
So let’s start.


I’m sure you already know that you can travel through command history using ⇧ and ⇩ keys. But sometimes the command you’re looking for is far behind in history so you should do something like this

⇧⇧⇧⇧⇧ damn, I missed it ⇩⇩ here is <enter>

which is quite annoying.

CTRL+R allows you to search through command history.
Here is the demo:

ctrl+r gif

You can go deeper in history with the same keystroke (CTRL+R). To go forward in history press CTRL+S

This keystroke I just can’t live without and use it all the time.


Of course I do not use CTRL+R just to find previously entered command since it can be easily found with ⇧ key. But, I really do not like to move my hands outside of my keyboard’s homerow. Usually all terminals supports emacs keybinding
So meet:
emacs arrows

  • If you’ll replace CTRL with ALT for arrow left/right keys you will be able to follow back and forth word by word.

Here is more tips:

  • You can also use ALT key with BACKSPACE which will delete WORD instead of SYMBOL.

  • You can remove symbol under cursor with CTRL+D.

  • Using CTRL+A will move your cursor to the beginning of the command line

  • CTRL+K will remove everything from cursor to the end of command line

So, using CTRL+A + CTRL+K removes everything you already entered, which is much faster than long press on backspace.


Just a clear command, which clears your terminal window. I like when my typing happens at the top of terminal window 😜 so it is very useful for me. I hope it can be something good for you as well.

Feel free to contact me for feedback or questions. Find my contacts on About page.