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I’m currently trying to use Vim instead of Emacs and one of important workflow I’ve used to is grepping things in a project.

There are few options:

  • use :vimgrep something **/*. It’s pretty long to type so I don’t really like it.
  • bind that vimgrep command to a key sequence. Which is better but still not ideal.
  • EasyGrep. The tool I chose.

My config looks like this:

let g:EasyGrepCommand="grep"
let g:EasyGrepRoot="repository"
let g:EasyGrepRecursive = 1
let g:EasyGrepFilesToExclude = "vendor,docker,node_modules"

By default EasyGrep use vimgrep which is not able to ignore folders as far as I got.

So setting grep as EasyGrepCommand makes EasyGrepFilesToExclude being considered.

Setting EasyGrepRoot to repository turns EasyGrep to “search from project root” mode.

Now I can just place my cursor to a word I want to search for, press <Leader>vv and that’s it.

Works like a charm.

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