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Vim, dumb-jump

hi everyone,

I’m currently using Vim in my day to day work, and if you don’t know I migrated from another perfect editor called Emacs.

It was pretty easy to migrate since I used evil-mode in Emacs but the only library/plugin I miss is dumb-jump which is brilliant because allows you to jump to definition without any CTAGS/GTAGS.

There is brilliant guy Chris Paul who made dim-jump plugin which does the same as dumb-jump.

Moreover the plugin is using dumb-jump rules and download them at the first usage of the plugin.

Just add

Plug "bounceme/dim-jump"

to your .vimrc/init.vim and have fun.

The plugin currently just jumps to the first most relevant definition found which is not always correct for me.

In case you need a fixed version which shows you all possible founds add my fork to you .vimrc/init.vim file:

Plug 'KryDos/dim-jump', { 'branch': 'krydos-adaptation' }

I’ll update this post as soon as my changes will be accepted by Chris, otherwise choose between these two versions of plugin depending on your needs.