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Reminders with WSL

Hi everyone,

I was looking for an app that should allow me to set a quick reminder without any additional functionality.

The one was found, it is at binary which is available by default on most (if not all) Linux distributions (checkout man at). Shortly, the at command allows you to specify a command and time you want to run that command at.

My current setup

What I want, is to get a notification at some special time. For notifications we can use notify-send, but since I’m currently on Windows and use WSL, we will use my wsl-notify script (checkout for notify-send replacement for WSL post)

Complete remind script

I’ve added a function to my zshrc and called it remind.

Here is its code:

remind() {
  echo "/path/to/wsl-notify \"$1\"" | at "$2"

The usage is next:

$ remind 'call mom' '1:00pm'

And at 1:00pm I will get the native windows notification which I can even snooze. Brilliant.

Feel free to contact me for feedback or questions. Find my contacts on About page.