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How to interview [memo]

Just met this nice article by Laurie Voss called You suck at technical interviews.

Here is TL;DR from there:

  • many interview techniques test skills that are at best irrelevant to real working life
  • you want somebody who knows enough to do the job right now
  • or somebody smart and motivated enough that they can learn the job quickly
  • you want somebody who keeps getting better at what they do
  • your interview should be a collaborative conversation, not a combative interrogation
  • you also want somebody who you will enjoy working with
  • it’s important to separate “enjoy working with” from “enjoy hanging out with”
  • don’t hire assholes, no matter how good they are
  • if your team isn’t diverse, your team is worse than it needed to be
  • accept that hiring takes a really long time and is really, really hard

Here is the link to original post

Good read.