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Search for hash(#) sign using Emacs' consult-grep

This is something I came across recently. I wanted to search for #todo using M-x consult-grep.

My initial #todo query didn’t work obviously because # sign in consult is a punctuation character as they call it.

I didn’t really want to change # sign as a punctuation character because I used to it. I’m not also sure if there is such an option (read til the end to find out why)

After some time spent googling I couldn’t find how to do escape it. Obvious things like #\#todo didn’t work.

Then I found this example in consult readme:

  • /defun/consult: It is also possible to use other punctuation characters.

This is not somewhere on the top of the readme. It’s under Asynchronous Search section which I ignored while I was looking for my use case.

So it seems like any NON [A-Za-z0-9] character can be a punctuation character. Though I’m not sure about it.

In any case /#todo worked nicely but it was unnecessary hard to find the proper syntax for it.

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